Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just dying

I have a new arch nemesis and it is Yellow Leather Dye.  That stuff is potent! We've been dying leather for some of Gavin's boxes and the bindery is a glorious mess of pigment and gory spills, and I totally enjoy days like these because I feel all useful, scrubbing away. I mean, I'm still absolutely anxious when it comes to doing work that a client may see, and casing in gives me hypothetical hives, but I can clean up like nobody's business. I'm a trillion times more confident with a sponge than a bone folder, which is why I dive right in on the messy days and end up feeling efficient and necessary. Except for that yellow leather dye, because that stuff stains ones hands to the point of apparent leprocy, which is also called Hansen's disease, which I did not know. And now that wikipedia is involved, I realize that the allusion to leprocy is not only incorrect, but terribly glib, because leprocy is awful. But also, armadillos? And, fact - 95% of people are naturally immune, so phew.

Yes, gloves would be a terrific idea, but we're way past that. I'm offended at the mere existence of this evil stuff, that manages to stay on hands days, whole days! afterwards. And also, I always forget gloves until it is too late. Neon yellow hands look good on no one but big bird.

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