Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh Vanity

In my past life as a magazine editor, while I was still on the scruffier end of the style spectrum, I definitely took a lot more care in my appearance than I do currently. I'm pretty sure we had a dress code and I totally wore daily make up, but let me tell you: it's difficult to have luscious-looking lashes, for example, when mascara seems to attract and adhere to the godforsaken leather dust that proliferates during leather paring. This phenomenon is even more disgusting than you'd imagine ( but you should imagine it, just for a second. It's like having horrible moths that hate you on your eyes!) Anyway, the above pics are before work and after of an awesome Sally Hansen nail decal manicure that was is basically the greatest thing I've ever put on my fingertips. It just didn't stand up to the rigors that are washing out glue brushes, I'm afraid. And cleaning ink pots. And anxious biting from waiting to see if I ruined something in the press. Also, that last photo is after I scrubbed my very skin with Ajax. Dang dye just won't come off! It's worse when it gets on my face.

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