Monday, June 18, 2012

Farewell, and thanks!

This year has been transformative and wonderful, and I'm so grateful to Gavin for contributing to so many aspects of said transformation and wonderful-ness. The new apprentice Alaska seems nothing short of fabulous and I'm excited to follow her progress, and I know only great things are going to happen at Paper Dragon Books this year. I've moved on in ways both small and dramatic - I drove across the country with my brand new fiance and our cat (his cat? my step-cat?) and we're thrilled to be newly-minted Californians. I can't wait to begin the MFA Book Arts and Creative Writing program at Mills College but in the mean time, I'm happy to exist in that in-between phase where my biggest task of the day is deciding whether or not to put on shoes. Tunes? Of course. But shoes are a big one these days.

I thank you sincerely for following my progress. The page views and comments have meant so much to me, and I wish I had shared more with y'all! Feel free to dip into this next life phase at a blog I've put together mainly to stop my dad from pestering me: Tony Oakland. I hope to share more bookbinding adventures in the future but I confess that it currently consists mostly of Instagram photos of food and the cat. Consider yourself warned.

Yours truly,


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